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Questions They Could Ask you

Disney Questions that they might ask you
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• Why do you want to do the Walt Disney World College Program?
I loved it the first and want to do it again. I loved to network with different people and I liked meeting friends from around the globe.
• What are you most looking forward to?
Seeing my friends that I met down their last program and being able to network with the people I met before I left.
• Are you familiar with the parks, resorts, and Orlando area?
Yes definatley I worked their already.
• What does Disney mean to you?
Fresh, clean entertainment, fun for the whole family.
• How will the college program help you professionally?
My major is Business Management and Hotel Management anything helps because your so professional down their and I like having a little part in the running the park.
• What makes you a good candidate for the College Program?
• What does Disney mean to you?
Disney means wholesome family entertainment. Walt created Disney to bring family's together and he wanted everyone to do their part even the lowest role to the highest role. Everyone uses first names. We all do are part to keep the park looking clean and tidy and we leave all of the personal stuff backstage.
• How will the college program help you professionally?
It looks great on a resume. You get to experience something from every culture and it's amazing.
• Do you have any tattoos or piercings that are allowed in the Disney look?
Just make sure your tattoos are covered either by make up or a shirt. I know one of the guys I knew from my last program had a couple on his legs he wasn't allowed to wear shorts only pants. My suggestion for that one is Start to practice covering up the tattoos before you go down so you get used to doing it. Also get used to taking out your piercings really fast I can take mine all out in a under a minute now.


• Roles that you chose:
• What are your top four roles?
• Why role #1?
My top role is Attractions and I know from the past they ask what attraction and I would have to say Great Movie Ride I used to go on that ride everyday just because I could and it's always one of the coldest rides in the summer to beat the heat or the rain. I also know most of the script because I rehearsed with my friend when she learned the roles.
• Why role #2
Photopass Photographer. I love to take pictures of people and everything around me and I like trying to take new pictures in light. I also try to take a lot of pictures of Disney stuff.
• Why role #3?
• Why role #4?
• What if a child does not meet the height requirement for an attraction?
• What if a guest is being violent with a character?
• What if someone asked why the fur characters don’t talk?
• Do you have cash handling experience?
Yes I already know how to count money back the Disney way.
• Are you open to QSFB or Custodial roles?
I worked in QSFB for about a week and then I hurt my shoulder so they Changed my role to park greeter. Custodial is ok I heard from a lot of people. They didn't like cleaning toliets.
• Have you ever given a speech?
Yes, I actually did the opener for the parks a couple of times and it was really fun to do it. For Epcot we pick one family every morning to come and help us open the park. Our procedure is to go out into the crowd and find someone that you would think would love to do this. My favorite family I picked out was the one that was a reunion that had 20 of them and they had everyone from 3-84 was the oldest and they opened the park. They had a magical day they came back a little later and told me that they got to ride the ride that they missed out on their last reunion because it broke down and it was all thanks to me picking them.
• Are you comfortable speaking to large groups of people?
This is a good thing for Disney also it is good to be able to yell, but nicely because sometimes you have to get the people to move. This is sometimes hard and I suggest if you know any Spanish brush up before you leave.
• What would you do if you messed up the spiel?
Correct yourself and keep going hopefully you saved yourself, everyone has their off days and get it right the next time.
• Explain how you would handle an emergency.
Stay calm, if everyone around you starts to panic it's not good and it becomes chaos and Disney is really busy I was their for the Holidays and I worked them.
• Do you mind working outside, in the Florida heat?
Nope did it all last year you learn to live with it, but drink lots of water and Gatorade helps a lot. Also wear stuff under your custom because it helps a lot.
• Would you rather work alone or in a group setting?
I like working more as a team. I don't use the word group.
• How would you handle a guest who doesn’t speak English, but clearly needs help?
Figure out which language their talking in and try to find a cast member who speaks their language either call guest services operator for language or walk them to guest services.
• Do you mind working morning, evenings, late nights, weekends, holidays?
It's not that bad working all crazy hours. My hours last program weren't that bad and if you know you want certain days off put them in as soon as you get down their.

• Would you rather work in a slow or a fast-paced environment?
I like fast pace I don't like to slow down because time goes so slow.
• If you were bussing a table and someone spilled their drink, you went to clean it up but then another guest had a question about the menu, what would you do?
Tell the guest that had the question one moment and I will be back to answer the question. Tell the guest that you will get them another drink and it will only take a couple of minutes for you to go get it or give them a guest assistance card for a new drink free of charge and smile to the person. Then go back and see if the person had any questions about the menu.
• What if a child wanted to get on an attraction but it was broken?
I would recommended other rides that the child could go on and tell them to check back periodically to see if the ride had open up.
• Have you ever had to control large groups of people?
Yes I have opening of the park and park exits are hard you have to get people out through turnstiles and make sure no beer leaves the park.
• How would you make a guest’s day?
Smile be polite if its a little girl call her a princess, if their wearing a certain disney product call them by whatever their wearing they will get a kick out of it and the parents will surely laugh and call them that all day. I worked at epcot last time and when we closed I would have a mickey glove on my hand at the end of the night and I would tell the little dudes and dudettes to give me some fin. They think it's so funny. Keep to the disney code and play along with the show. Learn your basics and you will be all set.

Cast member guidelines: "The Disney Service Basics"

"I project a positive image and energy."

  • Smile
  • Look approachable
  • Look happy and interested
  • Model the Disney Look
  • Keep conversations positive

"I am courteous and respectful to all guests, including children."

  • Make eye contact and smile
  • Engage in guest interaction
  • Treat guests as individuals
  • Greet and welcome each guest
  • Thank all guests and invite them back

"I stay in character and play the part."

  • Preserve and protect the magic
  • Provide excellent show quality and safety
  • Perform role efficiently by reducing hassles and inconveniences

"I go above and beyond."

  • Anticipate needs and offer assistance
  • Create surprises and Magical Moments
  • Provide immediate service recovery

If you have questions I can probably answer them or ask one of my alumni friends to help find you and answer.


• Tell me about your past jobs.
• Tell me about a time where you made a guest happy at a previous job.
• How would your bosses (past & present) describe you?
• Tell me about a time where you didn’t get along with your co-workers.
• Tell me about a time where a guest was difficult. What did you do?
• As a guest, what do you expect when you arrive to your WDW Resort?
• What are three positive qualities about yourself?
• What are three negative qualities about yourself?


• How do you feel about the apartment/dorm setting?
• How would you handle living away from home?
After the first two weeks it gets easier and I suggest get a web cam for at least one computer at home and yourself so you can talk on that and it makes the transition a lot easier. I also had friends that I was sending Disney stuff home and they were sending stuff down to me at the same time.
• How would you handle a roommate disagreement?
• What do you think the worst aspect of Disney Housing would be?
Done the program before and it was the buses last time. Sometimes the bus would never show up and you would be another 3 hours before it was their. The one night the one bus broke down and the sent a bus the was small and everyone ran on and their wasn't any room on the bus and the bus driver let the people on who worked and I payed a lot of money for all my chritmas presents for my family and had about 5 bags I was mad.

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