Friday, January 21, 2011

My Last Program and Fun Stuff that you get to do.

I love my purple folder by the way. I already have one purple folder from last year. Hopefully I will get one this year because Disney is awesome and I want to go back and work for them again. My last program was fun and I enjoyed it so much I want to go back again.
Well were all ready for the purple folders to be mailed to us but it's going to take some time I think it's time to have some fun on our own I'm actually going to start to make my blog and update it and tell you of some fun memories from my last program.

Well my program started on August 9, 2010. That day was filled with a lot of sadness that was the day I left Pittsburgh, PA. I have left my home are before for school, but California University of PA is only 45 minutes away and its nice because I could go home on weekends or I could stay at home and just drive to school. This trip need me to be on my own and I wanted to do it so bad.

My mom and dad were on me for weeks to do the program. I actually didn't tell my parents that I applied and did the interview. I got my purple folder from Disney and that is how they found out that I was going to Disney to do the program.

My original role was Quick Service food and beverage or what we call QSFB. I worked for about a week at Blizzard Beach at Lottawatta Lodge. It was okay but the K bus took forever to get to work because you were the last stop. I have a shoulder injury and casting decided that I should be switched to something easier and they decided I should be a park greeter. A park greeter is basically running all the ticket turnstiles and getting everyone in. It's hectic in the morning when you don't know were everything goes but other times it's so much fun. Important: Florida liquor laws prohibit Alcohol be consumed before coming into the park or before exiting the park. That is just so you guys know. My friends and I were shocked to hear the rule when we got down their. Important: Everything down their is military time so get used to military time before you go down. Military time was the hardest thing for me to get used to besides talking to my friends that are in the military. My watch is actually still in military time now. Important: Did you know that we get 20% discount and usually are discount around the holidays Between November- February is either 40% or 50% it depends on weeks. Note all countries in Epcot participate but only some do for a limited amount of time.

By the way it rains like a clock down their in the summer months. Between 2-4pm their is always showers. Be prepared for hot weather also. During the summer months it is best to go to the parks during the rainstorms because everyone fleas Disney and it's really funny and the lines are very short.

Now to talk about some fun stuff you can do down their.

Hopefully by now you know you get into the parks for free and after a certain date you can get into the water parks for free.

Well I started a few collections down their my last program I will have to put up pictures of everything that I now own from Disney. I collect and trade 2 things I trade for Vinylmations and I do Disney pin trading. When I do my next vlog in the next couple of days I will show you what I have and why I bought it.
I also have a lot of Disney books, magazines and Movies.

So to all of you bloggers out their even if your new to doing it here are some questions to answer on your blog or on your vlog.

1. How Many Times have you been to Disney World? Disneyland? Toyoko Disney Resort? Disneyland Paris? Hong Kong Disneyland Resort? Or on the Disney Cruise Line?
2. What is your favorite animated Disney Movie? Pixar Movie? Live Action Movie?
3. If you have ever been to Disney World what is your favorite Park and Why?
4. What is your favorite ride and why?
5. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
6. Who is your favorite Disney Couple?
7. What ride is not worth your time?
8. What is your favorite memory from Walt Disney World?
9. What is your favorite Place to Eat?
10. Where is your favorite place to watch fire works from?
11. What is your favorite Disney Snack?

Answer those Questions either on here or on your blog and tell me by either facebook or on here and you might be featured in my next Vlog in the coming weeks.

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