Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 2 of Waiting

So I did my interview the day before yesterday it went very well. My top 3 choices were Attractions, Merchandise, and my old rold of Park Greeter. Know I have to wait 2-4 weeks for hopefully another purple folder to arrive so I can go back to Disney World. I really want to go back to Disney right now but can't because I have to save up some more money and complete more school.

Right now I think I really would like to do the the program again, but I think maybe now I might not take the opportunity. I'm like half go and half not go. I would really like to finish school before I go down again. I have one year left till I graduate. My boyfriend Harold has all ready graduated and is down their. Most of the classes I have to take are classroom classes, so the bad part is I can't take them online anymore.

Also it depends what role I get to go down. I'm also trying out for Character or Performer I'm going to auditions with some of my friends from CCAC in Pittsburgh. Dancing was my life when I was little. I'm a little more heavier now but I can still "get my grove thing on" as Andy will put it. I will let you know how that goes after I audition.

For People going to do the program:

If your going to be down their during Christmas and the rest of the time at least go down with at least $800 in your bank account. I suggest more. Even If I don't do the program this semester I will be updating this with things that I think you should bring.

A little about me:
Nickname: Dana
Age: 21

Were I work currently: Shop N Save- Cashier, Coffee Shop/ Beer Shop, and anywhere else they need me.
I also babysit some local kids for some money.

Past jobs: Disney World- Park Greeter- Epcot-1st College Program

Relationship: My boyfriend Currently is a Park Greeter at Epcot for The College Program. Currently he is trying to decide what he wants to do. He is either thinking of buying a house down their or getting an apartment. But he is thinking more a house.

Other News:
Another Semester of school has started. I am not to happy because we are getting pounded by snow and now everyone is sick.

Also the computer that I use to make my vlogs is currently not working. I am working to fix it in my spare time. Currently If I do a vlog it will either be from my flip or from my digital camera. Hopefully I will be getting my new computer soon. I also am getting a new phone soon also.

For Now:

Have a Magical Day!!!

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