Saturday, January 29, 2011

"American Honey"

So I'm getting bored with my blog tittles so right now I'm changing it up. To what kind of mood I am in that day. Most mornings I take out my guitar and play a song. Most of the mornings it is a song or two how I feel and how I think the day is going to go. I'm going to do an A-Z Song list of what I love to play and what Defines me. I will pick a song and then pick a Disney song that begins with that letter. Some days I will put the second song with lyrics for you to identify and other days I will just post the video. I started to Think what Songs begin with "A" that I love to play and I am a big Lady Antebellum Fan.


As we are waiting for are purple folders. Everyday I am running to the mailbox to look in the mail. So one of my friend Crista got an email saying that she got in. I hope I get mine soon. I can't wait any longer I hate waiting.
So here is some music that I love to listen to. My favorite artists are Lady Antebellum, Billy Joel, Beach Boys, Hanson, and many others.

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