Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fall College Program Done

Well my fall College program is done. Now I'm waiting to go back to do the Alumni Program, hopefully it will be up soon and I will get in. I haven't been home even a week and I want to go back. Hopefully I can get a new and not be a Park Greeter, I loved it but I want to do something else. The only thing I do not want to do is Quick Service Food and Beverage or Custodial.

The college program was very fun. I got to go to all the parks and ride all the rides and eat most of the food. The food is a little pricey hopefully next time I go down their I can have more money to work with and a car. I didn't like taking the bus everyday. They are late most of the time or they don't show up. Price Management should get a new bus company. It taught me a lot of things about myself and how to be around people more.

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