Sunday, August 29, 2010

Almost 3 Weeks

Well Hello Everyone!!
I have been at Disney for almost 3 weeks now. I don't know what I think of it so far. I'm used to working a lot and making a ton of money, but I haven't been doing that because of my injury to my shoulder I am getting relocated hopefully I find out tomorrow where I'm going to be placed.

The first week was a lot of paperwork and I did work a couple of days. I went through Check In, Casting, and The Meeting in the First two days. Traditions was on my third day here and after I was done with Tradition I went to Magic Kingdom that day with my friend Brandon. Then we kept meeting up with people as the night went on. Then I had the next two days off and I really don't remember what I did.

I had to go to Disney University for QSFB Basics. Then I had another training day called Forecast Blizzard. Then I had another training day where I just answered computer questions and then got to figure out how everything at Disney worked. It wasn't bad I knew most of the stuff already cause of lifeguarding a previous job experience. I got trained at the window and on the broiler. The following day I got trained on fryer and how to make pizza's and they found out about my injury. I didn't know that I couldn't do these things. I'm pretty strong even with my injury but the Managers sent me home because I could get hurt. The one was very mean to me and the other was very nice. The mean one really doesn't like CPs I heard so I really didn't care as much, but he didn't explain to me what I needed to do or anything basically he shoved me out the door. This happened on August 18th. This was during when my parents where down here and they got all the paperwork into the doctor in. By the following week they didn't have any news for me. I went to health service on Wednesday and got the health stuff and my doctors was adding another edit which never came through. Tomorrow I'm going to meet with the guy and figure out what my role is going to be and hopefully I know. This is what basically happened I will try from now on to update once a week and I will have pictures coming soon.