Thursday, July 01, 2010

39 More Days

B is for Bubbles!!
Not exactly I love Bubbles I'm like a 5 year old sometimes. I love to blow bubbles and pop them my favorite are candy bubbles. Okay enough about Bubbles but today on ABC Disney Movies is the Letter B

Beauty and The Beast Won First Prize

Plot Summary:Prince Adam was cursed to a beast form by Enchantress who saw no love in his arrogant heart for others. The one way he could break the spell was to learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal from his enchanted rose fell, which would bloom until his twenty-first birthday. But who could ever learn to love a beast? Ten years later, Maurice, an inventor from a nearby village, becomes lost in the woods and seeks shelter in the Beast's castle, the Beast imprisons him for trespassing. His daughter Belle, a bookworm who dreams of life outside her provincial village, finds him trapped in the castle and offers her place in his stead. The Beast accepts with a promise she'll remain in the castle forever. In the beginning Belle views him as nothing more than a monster, he views her as difficult and stubborn. But the two soon taste the bitter-sweetness of finding you can change and learning you were wrong.

Year it was made: 1991

Art director Brian McEntee color keyed Belle so that she is the only person in her town who wears blue. This is symbolic of how different she is from everyone else around. Later, she encounters the Beast, another misfit, also wearing blue.

When Beast and Gaston are having their life-or-death struggle on the castle, Gaston yells, "Belle is mine!" Originally he was supposed to say, "Time to die!" but the writer changed it to fit Belle back in the scene.

A Bugs Life came in Second!!

very year, a bunch of grasshoppers come to the anthill and eat what the ants have gathered for them. The "offering", as the ants call the ritual, is a part of their fate. One day in spring, when the offering's preparation has just been finished, Flik, unlike inventor ant, accidentally drops the whole offered seeds into the river. The grasshoppers come and give the ants a second chance to collect food until fall. Flik sets off to find bugs that are willing to fight the grasshoppers (nobody expects him to succeed anyway) and, due to a double misinterpretation, returns with a circus crew, giving everybody new hope. When the misunderstanding finally gets cleared out, there is only little time left for a new plan, which has to work, or else

The two mosquitoes trapped in the light of the bugzapper ("Frank, don't go towards the light!" "I can't help it - it's so beautiful!") are the voices of the co-directors, John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton.

The hand gestures made by Hopper were modeled after gestures made by Steve Jobs.

Well B is over with time to go watch those two movies.

Tomorrow I hope to have my 5 things about me Vlog up. Hi!! I'm Dana and I'm a CP!! Vlog up. And my second Vlog about everything else. It's been so long and very highly overdue since I had no webcam for the past month and a half. Better do it now or never.

List of things I have to do this week and next:
Buy Southwest Gift Cards
Purchase my Ticket
Okay Plans with Liv
Buy Suitcases
Buy More Clothes
Buy more Makeup
Start packing

Hopefully starting to talk to potential roommates to see what they want me to bring with me hopefully it's something small. I can't bring a lot with me at all. I am flying down with one suitcase and my laptop bag and purse.
That's All For Tonight Folks!!

Have A Magical Day!!

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