Tuesday, July 06, 2010

34 More days and counting

HI Everyone!!
Well I am actually getting real close to leaving for Florida. My mom and I have been starting to go clothes shopping for the program. I bought a lot of Capri and Shorts. I'm a major tomboy so that's basically all that I wear. I'm also trying to decide what I'm going to bring down with me. I have to have something from my two favorite teams. Which are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins. I have a lot of t-shirt jerseys so I'm bringing all of those.

Well today I began my day working for my cousin. He owns a computer repair company. I have been answering phone calls and messages all day and writing a detailed reports and just being a secretary. I didn't get a chance to work on any computers this morning. We did play left for dead for a little. After lunch time and my cousin telling me he doesn't need me till tonight I went home. I reorganized my room into stuff for Disney and stuff that stays. I'm buying a lot of new stuff for the program because I haven't really went clothes shopping since last year before school.
Currently I am trying to decide what luggage set that I want to buy for Florida. Here I'll give the link for you guys to check it out if you want.

So I'm making my flight reservation. I'm traveling with Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines is doing a bagging promotion. Which is going to help me because I have to pack all of my bedding plus everything else in 2 suitcases. You get two bags that can go under the airplane, a carry on, and a personal bag (my purse) My book bag is probably going to my cary on. I have to put my laptop and accessories for everything in their. Or one of the extra bags it depends how much room and how heavy everything is, both of the bags can go only up to 50 pounds and have to be under a certain height of 62 inches. I will hopefully have my Flip camera by then and can do a packing vlog. I plan on getting my Flip camera next Wednesday which is a payday. This weeks is going to my luggage if theirs coupons, plus discount.
Here is my luggage that I am buying here.

I will be continuing the ABC of Disney movies in the next post. I also hopefully will have a Vlog out by the end of this week. Which will be Vlog number 2 edit. Cause the 2nd one got lost when they redid my laptop cause it failed and was still under the manufacturers warranty. I didn't do a vlog Today was very noisy at my house. I also work tomorrow so don't be expecting it then. But I will be updating this more than youtube. My youtube account for my Disney vlog Here

While I'm doing the program I look forward to trying to keep you guys updated especially the ones that are applying now and coming down in the spring. I will pick a day and I will be keeping a Journal of sort of what happened in the day and everything. But I won't give away to much of what goes on in some things so you still have some experiences. I will trying to film some rides with my flip. It depends on the ride if I will film.

So for Now
Have a Magical Day!!

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