Wednesday, June 09, 2010

2 Months to Go

Hi Everyone,

Today we hit the milestone of two Months till Check in. Wow I can't believe it. Its not that far away at all.

Some of my friends on here and on facebook are starting to move in and do the program. My friend Jennifer she is from California University of PA, that's where I go, moved down to Florida to do the program so I'm looking forward to her emails and post on fb and on here.

I'm starting to plan on what I want to pack already.
Top 5 things I have to pack:
1. My Sydney Crosby Jersey- I am a big Sydney Crosby fan.
2. My digital camera- I have to take a ton of pictures while i'm down their.
3. My laptop and my mini laptop
4. Cell phone and accesories
5. Clothes.
Formspring Question of the Day:
What are you looking foward that the program may teach you or already have (if you done the program already? And, What is the first ride and / or park do you want to visit first?
I have wanted to work at Disney since I was little. I love to perform and do musical theater. For my theater group that I do it's not through my high school. I was in High school musical and I play Kelsi Nielsen. I eventually would like to act and I really want to try out for the American Idol down their so I will try to do that.

First Ride- Either Tower of Terror or Rockin Roller Coaster
Park- Any of them. I'm a big kid all the time so it's awesome.


  1. Just a heads up- CMs can't audition for the American Idol Experience. If you really want to do it, do it before you check in or after you check out, as long as you don't go seasonal after the program ends.

  2. Darn it I will have to when I get their hopefully I don't make the call backs.