Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spring 2012 Roles That I'm Applying For

So right now I’m trying to decide what roles I want to apply for. I am applying for the Disney World and Disneyland College Program.

I have decided on the Disney World Roles but not the Disneyland roles yet.

Disney World Roles that I am choosing when I apply:

  • Attractions- I applied for this role last two times and didn’t get it. If I would get this role here are some places where I would love to work. Haunted Mansion, Rock N Coaster, Tower of Terror, Finding Nemo, Any where in Animal Kingdoom, Big thunder Mountian.
  • Character Attendant- This is a really cool role. You get to direct guests with questions. Help Characters get ready. Talk to guest. Take pictures.
  • Lifeguard- Hopefully either working at a Resort or a Water Park.
  • Main Entrance Operations- Did this before wouldn’t mind doing it again
  • Merchandise- I got this role last time I applied but didn’t go down because of school reasons
  • Photopass- My number two role that I want. I love taking pictures of everyone, including animals.
  • Recreation- The only thing I really would like to be in that role is the slide operator.
  • Transportation- I like the monorail and I heard it takes you a long time to be a monorail driver (I don’t know what disney calls them sorry) I also know you can drive the Friendship boats in the position. I know a lot of the friendship boat captain. I wouldn’t mind that. They share the same break room as Main Entrance at International Gateway.

Parks That I could see myself working in.

  • My home is Epcot and I would love to go back. The hours are not usually as long as the others. Most of the time we closed the park at 930. First person has to be their around 7. Most of the older cast members take that shift. I only had to do that shift for training opening. Earliest I ever got their was 730 or 745. Last person stays till 11. Then free to leave. France, UK, and Japan; take the longest to close to guests because most of them let them people go in till Illuminations start.
  • MK the only thing I’m not thrilled about is working the long hours.
  • Hollywood Studios- wouldn’t mind working here at all. As long as I don’t have to stare at Mr. Potatoe Head in Toy Story Mania Que I’m good.
  • Animal Kingdoom- My friends that worked at this park sometimes picked up shifts at the other parks so they could get more hours.
  • If I get lifeguarding I hope I get Typhoon Lagoon or any of the hotel pools.

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